230 / 240 V 16A IP67 2P+E Famatel Surface Mount Socket (24290)

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130mm × 81mm × 97mm

230 / 240 V 16A IP67 2P+E Famatel Surface Mount Socket (24290)

For more detailed specifications on the Famatel 240V 16A IP67 Surface Mount Socket click the tab above.

Famatel is a brand that is new to the UK, and represents excellent build quality at unbelieveable prices!

Famatel industrial plugs and sockets have an ergonomic design allowing an easy and comfortable subjection. It's easy opening device make wiring the plug / socket very quick and ensures a perfect closing. The materials used in production and been carfully researched to work perfectly in harsh enviroments which require high mechanical resistance.

  • Easy and fast cabeling
  • Designed for use in harsh enviroments; humid, dirty, oiled and so on
  • Easy opening clip system
  • Product certified ENEC 03

Total Quality: The crown of the plug is reinforced as it is often higly exposed to collisions and crushing.

Clamps: All screws of the clamps are oriented in the same direction so that it is not nessesary to turn the plug or sockets during the cabling process. The tightening of the screws can be done with a standard cross head screwdriver. Using the locking screws of the clamps, the maximum passing of the current is guaranteed.

Industrial Plugs & Sockets
Amperage 16
Voltage 230/240
Ingress Protection IP67
Earth Pin Location 6H

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