Mains Distribution Box (D32/3-1)

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Mains Distribution Box (D32/3-1)

All of Power and Pyro’s distribution boxes are manufactured in-house; with many years of engineering experience within our research & development team our extensive knowledge ensures we get it right, first time. We pride ourselves on making sure every distribution box is manufactured to the highest standard by taking care of the things that make the difference.

We only use tri-rated cable ensuring that that all possible loads are accounted for. All 16A sockets have 2.5mm² cable, all 32A sockets have 6.0mm² cable, all 63A outlets have 16mm² cable and all 125A plugs and sockets have 35mm² cables. By taking the wiring to this level we know that there is never an overheating issue when the unit is used at full capacity for long periods. To complete the circuits every connection is ferruled again reducing resistance and heat within the enclosure.

As standard we now add neon indicators to all inlets and outlets making it much easier and faster to fault find when on site; the incomer neon’s have inline fast blow fuse protection and all neon's are connected with spade connectors for ease of annual testing.

Protection is obviously of the up most importance and if used in the correct way can be a very useful tool. On all 16A and 32A single phase outlets we install 2 pole RCBO’s, giving the very best way to individually protect the supplies that are often now at the end user.

On 32A and 63A three phase outlets which are often used as sub mains / supplies to other distribution boxes, we use separate MCB and RCD protection giving maximum flexibility to the user. All protection devices are protected by clear IP rated windows that not only keep them dry and dust / dirt free but allow instant visibility to the user.

All incomers are protected with an MCB so no matter how many outlets a distribution box has it cannot be overloaded, again keeping the box and all users safe from overheating.

All of these amazing features are enclosed in what we regard as the best thermoplastic polyurethane box on the market. With a great IP rating and an outstanding resilience to impact everything inside is very well protected. These moulded boxes have carry handles for ease of lifting and are also designed with slots top and bottom so the boxes interlock and are stackable. This feature helps with transportation and stacking the boxes when in use. Once located the stacked boxes are extremely stable.

We never fit plugs or sockets on the outside of the enclosure for the risk of damage is too great, therefore the front recess gives amazing mechanical protection to them and the shallower recess on the back is perfect for the protection of the windows that house all of the switchgear.

We are proud to say that our "Event Industry Nominated Product of The Year" distribution box is manufactured to the highest quality and specification and are considered to be one of the best distribution boxes available on the market.

All distribution boxes within our sale stock are also available to hire Click Here. In addition, all distribution boxes can be bespoke designed to a variety of configurations that will suit your needs, all with a lead time of  approximately 10-15 working days to complete, subject to work schedules and availability.



Famatel 32A 415V 3 Phase IP44 3P+N+E Panel Mount Appliance Inlet

Incomer Protection:

"C" Curve Rated 32A 4 Pole MCB


6 x Famatel 16A 230V IP44 2P+E Panel Mount Sockets

3 x Famatel 32A 230V IP44 2P+E Panel Mount Sockets

Outgoing Protection:

6 x 2 Pole 16A 30mA "C" Curve Rated RCBO
3 x 2 Pole 32A 30mA "C" Curve Rated RCBO

Box Dimensions:

560 x 340 x 350 mm (W x H x D)

For bespoke, unusual and specific designs please give us a call on 01278 588374 or email us at

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