Safety footwear for professional use - BS EN 345-1: 1993

Scruffs complies with the EEC Directive for Personal Protective Equipment (89/686/EEC) and meets the requirements of the European harmonised standard EN ISO 20345:2004. It is type approved by Notified Body No. 0321, namely: Intertek Testing Services (Leicester) Ltd. Centre Court, Meridian Business Park, Leicester, LE19 1WD, Notified Body No. 0362.

All Scruffs safety footwear is manufactured using both synthetic and natural materials that conform to all relevant sections of EN ISO 20345:2004 for quality and performance.

The footwear is designed to protect the wearer from injuries that could arise from working in relevant sectors.

All Scruffs safety products are fitted with steel or composite toecaps to protect the wearer’s toes against risk of injury of falling objects and crushing when worn in work environments where potential hazards occur. The footwear has the following protection plus, where applicable, additional protection. Impact protection is 200 Joules. Compression (crushing) protection is 1,500 Newtons (marking code SB).

Additional protection can be provided. The specific level of protection provided by your Scruffs safety footwear is identified on the inner tongue label of the product as follows:

Marking Description
A Antistatic range of 100k and 1000M
P Penetration resistance of 1100 Newtons
E Heel energy absorption 20 Joules
SB Compression protection 1500 Newtons
HRO Resistant to hot contact 300°C
ORO Oil resistant outsoles
WRU Water penetration resistant uppers

Where combinations of the additional specified features apply, the following markings are applicable:

Marking Description
S1 SB + A + E + closed seat region
S2 As S1 + WRU
S3 As S2 + P + cleated outsole

It is important that the Scruffs footwear selected for wear must be suitable for the protection level required and the wear environment. Where a wear environment is not known, it is very important that consultation is carried out between the seller and the purchaser to ensure, where possible, that the correct footwear is provided.

All Scruffs footwear has been tested for slip resistance, but cannot guarantee to prevent slips. Hence, care must be taken when on slippery surfaces.